Smart Meter Health Alert

Bring back electromechanical analog meters!

    Analog Meters: Healthy, Safe, Private!


"Smart Meter" is a term given to new utility meters that are currently being installed on virtually every home and building. Throughout the United States and on a worldwide basis, utility companies are replacing our safe analog meters with dangerous devices that are harmful to human health.

The new meters function within a "Mesh Network" made up of individual meters, collector antennas, relay devices, repeaters, and other components. The pulsed radiofrequency microwaves used by the system ultimately permeate our homes, neighborhoods, and entire cities. The meters can also affect the wiring in our homes in ways that can make us ill.

There are many objections to the Smart Meters, including matters of privacy, safety, and cost. However, it is the danger they pose to our health that concerns us the most. The technology used by the meters is making many of us sick and may have serious long-term health impacts. Even if we do not all feel the health effects, we all may be affected in ways that we do not yet realize.

In those areas where meters were installed, health problems began to be reported and are now numbering in the thousands. Despite these complaints, the utilities persist in their relentless program of installation, largely ignoring our concerns. They tell us that we have no choice in the matter, that the meters are mandatory and that the technology that the meters use cannot harm us.

We believe otherwise. Our bodies are letting us know that something is wrong. Scientific studies back this up. Many medical professionals, scientists, and engineers have issued cautionary statements regarding the impact that the meters can have on our health.

A major problem is that many of us don't yet know that the recent headaches, insomnia, nausea, irritability, heart palpitations and other distressing health issues that we have begun to experience can be caused by the new meters that now surround us. The utility companies and large corporations profiting from the meters did not warn us of this possibility, but we are now discovering the truth of the matter.

It is our goal to share this information with everyone so that they we may all protect our health, the health of our families and communities, and work together to take back our inalienable right to safe homes, healthy environments, and freedom of choice.